Verena Kerth has her back on the camp

Verena Kerth has her back on the camp

Als the long days without contact with the outside world weren’t monotonous enough, the night of the first voting, in which the viewers push a camper into the safe third hotel “Versace”, also brings back the horror. And that comes along green, young, cheeky and erratic and also quacks around the whole time. “Annalena Baerbock is moving to the camp!” One or the other Twitter user with a Statue of Liberty in their profile might think – but far from it. The quiet island for D-celebrities with career hiccups is once again afflicted by a frog invasion. The twelve cultural attachés from Germany, which is relatively free of the jungle, are suddenly confronted with more frogs than Dieter Bohlen Instagram filters.

Again it is frog whisperer Djamila Rowe who is attacked first by the amphibious land animals. The toad-like anuras probably feel most comfortable in the warm wetlands of the plateaus around Djamila’s lips. Luckily the frog king Gigi Birofio has also awakened – but at what price? Like Joan of Arc, he has to face the fight against the Unken army. Only to watch idly a short time later as an official rescue ranger tries in vain to capture a colossal spider that has also smuggled itself into the camp as a rental nomad.

“He’s got a good butt!”

Although, he is not completely inactive. The ranger (according to RTL law of the stature of Brad Pitt in “Troy”) elicits an appreciative one: “He’s got a good butt!” LGBTQ expert Gigi can’t wallow in homoerotic fantasies for a long time, because drama truffle pig Tessa Bergmeier turns the spotlight on himself. As the only official top model in the jungle squad, she naturally gives the boxing slut. Specifically, the cigarette Bboxenluder. Confused by the sex chaos of the day before, team leader Cosimo didn’t have her empty fluppen box filled up. A day without fags is worse for Tessa than ten days without make-up for Harald Glööckler. In order to avoid New Year’s Eve-like escapades from the criminal area of ​​drug-related crime, delivers RTL the nicotine sticks immediately after. Tessa seems calm at first.

Meanwhile, Claudia Effenberg, Cosimo Citiolo and Gigi are preparing for their jungle exam. So, Gigi and Cosimo get ready. Claudia philosophizes about Claudia’s uniqueness: “They choose me because I’m so good. I got nine stars in the test yesterday. That’s a house number.” It doesn’t matter that the voting behavior of the spectators has less to do with exam performance and more to do with the social skills presented. In addition, she finds it unfair to have to fall back into exam stress immediately after such a magnificent performance. Claudia apparently thinks that once she has passed an exam halfway properly, she can lounge around the campfire for the rest of her time and keep telling the nation how she was once better known than Angela Merkel.

When the moaning robot Claudia has finally finished the self-adulation marathon, the exam can begin. There’s a jeep, a course and quite a bit of shouting. Claudia has to steer, but sees nothing. Cosimo sees, but only Gigi. Gigi is the only one who sees the track – but he is not allowed to speak. A bit like the deliberations on Leopard deliveries in the Chancellery. As it kicks off, Gigi looks like Jürgen Klopp, when his fuses blow on the sidelines. Only at eight times the speed. Gigi’s arm movements alone could replace around 5,394 wind turbines. Gigi gestures, Cosimo yells. For Claudia it’s “worse than a bunch of lobsters”. A like/than weakness would actually be even worse.

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