USA: Republican Santos behavior under investigation – politics

USA: Republican Santos behavior under investigation – politics

The allegations against MP George Santos have been around for some time. Now the House Ethics Committee has decided to investigate the allegations more closely. In the case, a separate subcommittee was set up to deal with Santos, the ethics committee said.

Among other things, the allegation against the Republican that he was involved in illegal activities in connection with his campaign for his office in the congressional elections last year is to be investigated. In addition, there is a lack of transparency towards the House of Representatives and allegations of sexual harassment.

An investigation against Santos has been in the room for weeks. In early February, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed that the Ethics Committee had allegations against Santos that needed to be resolved. Santos has been under criticism for a long time. He is said to have invented large parts of his CV – including information about his professional career and his origin. It was recently announced that the FBI was investigating him for alleged misappropriation of donations.

A former applicant for a position in Santos’ office has accused the MP of sexually harassing him. Santos denies this. Santos has so far failed to comply with repeated calls for his resignation. Should he vacate his seat in the House of Representatives, the Republicans could lose the constituency, which has recently been more democratic, in by-elections. This would make the party’s extremely narrow majority in the House of Representatives even smaller.

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