USA elections 2022: The midterms in the live blog

Leading politicians from Democrats and Republicans in the USA used the day before the midterm elections for an intensive election campaign. US President Joe Biden held a rally in the US state of Maryland, where Democrats have perhaps the best chance of retaking a Republican governorship. Ex-President Donald Trump decided to campaign for the so-called Midterms in Ohio.

Biden’s appearance in Maryland was consistent with a strategy of concluding the campaign by focusing on strongholds of his Democratic party. The result of the midterm elections will have a major impact on the last two years of Biden’s current term. All seats in the House of Representatives and a good third of the seats in the Senate are up for grabs. In several states gubernatorial elections are also pending.

Also on Monday (local time), Biden repeated the warnings he had given several times in the past few weeks about Republican extremism. You are dealing with some of the “darkest forces that we have ever experienced in our history,” he said, referring to Trump’s supporters and their slogan “Make America great again”. In an interview, he also expressed concerns about voter intimidation and mentioned people with automatic weapons outside polling stations. This is outrageous.

Trump has long falsely claimed that Biden won the 2020 presidential election through fraud. He also brought up the alleged possibility of voter fraud in the midterm elections this year. On Sunday, Trump flirted with a renewed candidacy in the 2024 presidential election. Many Republican candidates continue to support Trump’s allegations of voter fraud, while intelligence agencies warn of the possibility of political violence by far-right extremists.

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