US Senate votes on interim budget just before deadline

US Senate

Without an agreement, a shutdown would have threatened.

(Photo: dpa)

Washington The US Senate has approved an interim budget so that the government does not run out of money by the weekend. A bipartisan majority of senators voted Thursday evening (local time) in favor of the House of Representatives’ bill, which is initially intended to secure funding until March 11. president Joe Biden still has to put the law into effect with his signature. In this case, it is considered a formality.

Without the interim budget, the government would run out of money by the weekend. This could threaten a partial shutdown of government business, a so-called shutdown.

The amount of permitted government spending is to be extrapolated with the new law on the basis of last year’s budget. The tedious tug-of-war over a complete budget for the current financial year continues in parallel.

The last transitional budget up to this Friday was only passed at the beginning of December – also shortly before the deadline to prevent the state apparatus from standing still. If it’s in the USA If a “shutdown” occurs, some state employees have to be placed on compulsory leave or work temporarily without pay. Depending on the length of the outage, certain government services could also be restricted or payments delayed.

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