US restricts export of AI chips to China and Russia

Nvidia chips

Nvidia is best known to consumers for its graphics chips.

(Photo: Reuters)

Washington the United States have new restrictions on the export of high-performance chips to China and Russia imposed. The restrictions affect microprocessors, which are primarily required for artificial intelligence applications.

The US chip manufacturer Nvidia stated on Wednesday (local time) that American authorities had ordered the export of two high-performance chips to China to be stopped. Among other things, this should limit the ability of Chinese companies to build high-performance facial recognition systems.

Nvidia is best known to consumers for its graphics chips. Powerful graphics processors (GPUs) are also able to process calculation steps for machine learning at breakneck speed.

According to Nvidia’s statement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the A100 and H100 series are affected by the export restrictions. Also the chip manufacturer AMD stated that it had received a similar order for its line of GPUs. Here, too, it is about chips that are particularly suitable for AI calculations.

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President Joe Biden’s administration has been trying for months to tighten regulation of high-tech exports to countries like China and Russia. Most recently, the Department of Commerce introduced a regulation that could block the export of chip design software needed to manufacture the next generation of chips.

China is an important market for Nvidia. According to the company, the export restrictions could cost up to $400 million in quarterly sales. The company’s shares fell by almost 6.6 percent in after-hours trading.

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