US President Joe Biden calls for stricter gun laws

Dhe American President Joe Biden has insisted on a ban on assault rifles at a summit against hate crime. Biden said so on Thursday at the White House in the US capital Washington. At the same time, he condemned the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on democracy and public security. Hate will always be revived if it only gets enough oxygen, Biden said. “In recent years, hate has been given far too much oxygen in our politics, in our media and on the internet.” The US faces a choice of being “a nation of hope, unity and optimism” – or “a Nation of fear, division and hate,” Biden said.

Representatives from politics, business, civil society, the church and the police, who are particularly committed to combating violence, hate crime and radicalization in the USA, were invited to the summit. "Too much hatred has fueled extremist violence and allowed it to spread," Biden said. The US intelligence services have identified right-wing extremism as the greatest terrorist threat to the country. Biden keeps demanding stricter ones gun laws - the Republicans block such projects again and again. Assault rifles were banned in the United States from 1994 to 2004. Then the ban expired.

Fatal hate crimes continue to occur in the United States. In May, a racially motivated gunman killed 10 people with an assault rifle in and outside a supermarket in the US city of Buffalo. The majority of the victims were black. During a neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville around five years ago, a woman was killed when a right-wing extremist drove his car into a group of counter-demonstrators. "We must shine the light of truth, justice and justice on this issue and reject those who want us to live in fear of those around us," the victim's mother said during the summit.

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