US Department of Justice: Trump is still withholding documents - Politics

The former US President's team donald trump may not have returned all classified documents removed from the White House even after the FBI searched his Florida home. This is another "potential security risk," writes the US Department of Justice in a court filing.

A search of the Mar-a-Lago villa found 11,000 documents and 48 empty folders marked as secret. In the court motion, the Justice Department is also asking Trump's former US District Judge Aileen Cannon to allow further investigation of 100 secret files seized in Florida.

Judge Cannon on Monday ordered a curtailment of the investigation into the documents until a special counsel is appointed to oversee the investigation. Trump's lawyers had previously called for the appointment of a special representative. The public prosecutor's office has now raised an objection. The government and the public would suffer irreparable harm from the delay in criminal investigations, she writes in the court filing.

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