US and South Korea launch missiles

fighter planes

The US and South Korea responded to a North Korean missile test.

(Photo: Reuters)

Seoul A day after the latest North Korean missile test, the United States and South Korea fired missiles in the region themselves. South Korea’s military said on Wednesday that the United States and South Korea fired four surface-to-surface missiles toward the Sea of ​​Japan (East Sea) in response to North Korea’s provocation. Each side fired two missiles that hit decoy targets precisely. This demonstrated the Allies’ ability to deter further provocations.

However, one of the South Korean army’s missiles failed and fell to the ground. The South Korean general staff said no one was injured in the accident on Wednesday morning (local time). It is being examined why the malfunction occurred with the Hyunmoo-2 rocket. It was not initially announced where it hit.

However, videos circulating online showed an orange fireball rising from an area said to be near Gangneung Air Force Base. Panic broke out among the residents of the coastal town of the same name, many thought of an attack North Koreawhich has recently become more and more aggressive.

On Tuesday, Pyongyang fired a medium-range ballistic missile toward the Sea of ​​Japan. It was the first time a North Korean missile had flown over the Japanese archipelago in almost five years.

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Both the US and the Nato strongly condemned the test. In direct response, South Korean forces fired two precision bombs in the Yellow Sea. In addition, flight maneuvers were held together with US F-16 fighter jets. The Yellow Sea is bordered by China and the Korean Peninsula.

The last time North Korea launched a missile in 2017 Japan flown, the country carried out a nuclear weapons test just a few days later. UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles of any range, which, depending on the design, can also carry a nuclear warhead. Most recently, North Korea had tested two short-range ballistic missiles on Saturday – that was the fourth missile launch in a week.

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