Up to 200 rioters move through Berlin

AUp to 200 people rioted through the streets of Berlin to protest against the eviction of the village of Lützerath in the Rhenish lignite mining area. As the police announced on Friday, a witness alerted the officials during the night because a group of hooded people in the Mitte district set fire to garbage cans.

A short time later, other witnesses reported up to 200 people walking through the streets. From the crowd, the shop windows of a total of 26 shops were pelted with small paving stones and colored Christmas tree balls and damaged. In addition, slogans such as “Lützi stays” or “Lützi lives” were smeared on windows and facades.

In this context, the building of a police section was also fired at with pyrotechnics. Emergency services then arrested two men aged 23 and 34 and an eighteen-year-old and placed them in police custody. There they were treated by the police and then released again.

Two Green Party offices in the Mitte and Lichtenberg districts were also smeared during the night. The police state protection of the State Criminal Police Office took over the investigation into serious breaches of the peace and damage to property. In protest against the eviction of Lützerath, between 20 and 30 activists occupied the state office of the Greens in Düsseldorf on Thursday afternoon. However, the police ended the action on Friday night.

The police want to largely complete the clearance of the Lützerath settlement this Friday. “We want to clear all structures as quickly as possible, if possible today,” said a police spokesman on request. The two discovered tunnels are particularly imponderable. It is unclear whether their evacuation will be successful on Friday.

As before, two activists held out in one of the underground tunnels. The entrance to the tunnel was largely blocked off on Friday morning. In addition to police officers, firefighters were also on the spot.

On Thursday, a video of two hooded men posted on the YouTube platform caused a stir. “Pinky” and “Brain” state that they are in the tunnel under Lützerath. “We have indications that the video is authentic,” said a police spokesman on Friday.

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According to police, the night passed quietly. On Friday morning, activists, among others, emerged from the group Extinction Rebellion in front of the RWE corporate headquarters in Essen. They demanded a halt to the eviction of Lützerath. According to them, several of them chained themselves to the entrance gate. The police arrived with several patrol cars after the RWE security service reported the incident.

The police reported that more than 300 people had left Lützerath by the evening on Thursday. The police initially did not say on Friday how many squatters were still on the fenced-off site. According to a dpa reporter, there were still several dozen.

While the stone houses are still standing, almost all of the wooden huts have been leveled. But there is also a wooden construction on stilts. Activists continue to defy the weather on it. The constant rain during the night ended in the morning.

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