Unrest in Commerzbank

Dhe labor dispute in the subsidiaries of Commerzbank increases in sharpness. After three days of work stoppages last week, the Verdi union is calling on workers for a five-day strike next week. This has very concrete effects on numerous Commerzbank customers. The annual tax certificates would be created in the ComTS. “The labor dispute there is also delaying the delivery,” said Verdi union secretary Stefan Wittmann. ComTS is responsible for compliance, loan processing and internal mail flows.

A spokeswoman for the bank, however, denied that between the delays in sending the annual tax certificates and the strikes there is a connection at ComTS.

Commerzbank did not succeed in sending some customers the annual tax certificate by October 31, the deadline for submitting the income tax return for 2021 (cf. FAZ of November 1, 2022). The cause of the breakdown, which makes it impossible for some customers to claim losses on securities transactions for tax purposes, is the outsourcing of securities processing to HSBC, which was abruptly stopped in 2021. According to earlier information from the bank, a “four-digit” number of customers is affected, both of Commerzbank itself and of the subsidiary Comdirect. The bank left it open how many customers are still waiting for their annual tax certificate.

Verdi calls for house wage agreement

The union’s demand for a house wage agreement for the 1,900 ComTS employees, according to the institute, has been around for some time. “Even if the minimum working conditions are not regulated by a collective agreement, the ComTS companies today offer good working conditions in a market comparison, which have been steadily improved in recent years – and in close coordination with the company employee representatives,” said a Commerzbank spokeswoman when asked .

With the strikes, the union also wants a minimum hourly wage of 14 euros, a 13th month’s salary and an end to the usual practice regulated in employment contracts that employees have to be available on call when there is a high workload.

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