Union: “The gas surcharge has to go”

NAccording to the Union, the gas surcharge given the planned nationalization of the ailing gas importer Uniper. “The gas surcharge has to go. The traffic light must now go back on and the entire building of support and support in the energy crisis must be rebuilt," said the spokesman for the Union faction in the Bundestag, Andreas Jung, of the "Rheinische Post". For this there must be a short-term limitation of energy prices and targeted relief for average earners and trade, medium-sized businesses and industry. The state should not also make money from the cost explosion.

A new stabilization package provides for the federal government to buy the Uniper shares currently held by the Finnish energy company Fortum, as Germany's largest gas importer announced on Tuesday. "As a result, it is intended that the federal government will thus receive a significant majority stake in Uniper," it said. Accordingly, a capital increase of eight billion euros is also planned, which is to be subscribed exclusively by the federal government.

The deputy chairman of the Union parliamentary group Jens Spahn welcomed the forthcoming nationalization - but clarity about costs and the role of the Finnish major shareholder is needed. Spahn said on the Welt television channel: “We would like to see how much billions have been spent on Uniper in the meantime. And one thing is also quite clear: the gas levy is no longer needed if it is a state-owned company, then the state should also secure the gas supplies there with guarantees, for example, but not burden the citizens additionally. The gas surcharge should be abolished. That is now clear at the latest.”

"Financial constitutional doubts" about the gas levy

In view of the possible nationalization of Uniper, Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens), according to information from the German Press Agency, had previously expressed “constitutional financial doubts” with regard to the gas levy. Habeck is also said to have indicated that the financing requirements for the gas suppliers are significantly higher than when the first rescue package for Uniper was negotiated. It is becoming increasingly clear that the unstable situation needs "the power and the guarantee of the state as well as all the financial strength of the state" that is necessary, it said. However, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the final examination and responsibility for the financial constitutional law. The ARD capital office had previously reported on Habeck's concerns.

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