Union parties against speed limit: Always these ban parties

Union parties against speed limit: Always these ban parties

The CDU does not want gender in schools, no abortions or speed limits – and certainly not smoking weed. It’s good that she no longer reigns.

Friedrich Merz and Markus Söder

Would like to ban climate change: CDU leader Friedrich Merz and beer tent cowboy Markus Söder Photo: Chris Emil Janssen/imago

The minor who is part of my infection community finds me cranky. I state this: it is true. The pandemic is over, the test centers are closed and the masks are gone. Only the corona virus does not seem to have noticed the political decision-making situation and has attacked one of the few specimens of humans who have so far been the collective experience of illness have withdrawn: me.

As a direct result, as a vegetarian, you not only have to deal with chicken soup, which is served to you from all sides without being asked, but also with worries that you normally have no time for. I am particularly concerned about the Union. How dangerous is it for democracy in our country if the CDU and CSU constantly appear as a bad-tempered ban party?

genders in schools, for example, should be prohibited in the Union’s view. Because where would we be if schoolchildren could decide for themselves how gender-sensitive they want to write? the C-parties are asking themselves. After all, a liberal democracy does not include yobs developing their own will. Although the latter really gets on my nerves personally, the ideology with which the Union approaches the issue of gender is extremely worrying.

Of course, CDU leader Friedrich Merz and his Bavarian would Beer tent cowboy Markus Söder also like to ban climate change. Because that hasn’t succeeded so far, they would like to ban the “last generation” or at least have them classified as “extremist” by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and monitored by secret service means. Who cares that the President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, explicitly rejected this this week?

Outdated value

Also a Speed ​​limit on German autobahns is very high on the banned list for the Union. It costs nothing and could easily save between 6 and 11 million tons of CO2 save per year. But the conservative parties find it difficult to adapt their self-perception to the actual situation in our country. This radical attitude is a major challenge for our values ​​and basic liberal order.

The CDU and CSU have a long history as banned parties. The ban on abortions, for example, is part of the DNA of the conservative parties. If the Union were still in power, even medical information about abortions would still be banned. In this context, she is not in a position to realistically assess the consequences of her political actions.

Also to cannabis the Union has a relationship characterized solely by prohibitions. A slogan like “Kiffen, Küche, Kinder” or “One joint in the morning and the day is your friend” would be ideal for the Bavarian election campaign. Söder likes to combine tradition and modernity, laptop and lederhosen. He could even hug a tree and no one would be surprised.

But I don’t want to exaggerate. In addition to the concerns I have about the Union, you also have time for videos that you have recently missed in the horizontal horizontal due to illness. There would be about one Lützerath, where the police keep getting stuck in the mud and falling down. Colleagues rushing to help pull them out, only to sink and fly themselves. When almost everyone is finally standing, a climate activist disguised as a monk comes and pushes them over again.

No, no, that’s no reason for secret gloating. I just find it informative and educational. My bad mood has also brightened up significantly. Incidentally, it turns out that the cats that are part of my infection community are big chicken soup fans. I had left the pot open – to my great regret and of course only by accident.

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