Union increases pressure on citizen income

citizen money

The Union continues to put pressure on the reform of citizen income.

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Berlin A few days before Negotiations on citizenship in the mediation committee, the Union has increased the pressure on the traffic light coalition. “A quick agreement by November 25 would be desirable, but is unlikely,” said the parliamentary manager of the Union faction, Thorsten Frei (CDU), the “Bild am Sonntag”.

According to the will of Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD), the Federal Council is to pass the Citizen Benefits Act on November 25th. Before that, the mediation committee of the Federal Council and the Federal Council should agree on a compromise on Wednesday evening. Negotiations are underway at high pressure behind the scenes. Heil’s draft failed in the state chamber for the time being after the Union had heavily criticized it.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) reacted on Saturday at a party conference of the Baden-Württemberg SPD with attacks on the Union. Scholz accused the CDU and CSU in Friedrichshafen of being “aloof” and “snooty” in social policy. At the Young Union’s Germany Day in Fulda, CDU leader Friedrich Merz called on the government to take “a big step” towards the Union if a solution was to be found “in the next few days and weeks”.

Merz spoke of a “messed up reform” and said: “We have to set the incentivesto quickly return to the labor market.” When it came to the disputed issue of sanctions against benefit recipients who disregard job center requirements, Merz admitted that the Federal Constitutional Court had “narrow leeway”.

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According to a Karlsruhe judgment from 2019, power reductions of up to 30 percent are only permissible. The traffic light, on the other hand, does not provide for certain sanctions in a six-month “period of trust”. On Sunday evening, Merz added via Twitter: “We are ready to find a compromise on citizen income.” However, the basic principle of “support and demand” must not be abandoned. “And the six-month “trust period” should be deleted, during which cooperation obligations are not expected,” said Merz.

Frei also said that the CDU wanted all sanctions “to be used from day one”. “We are always ready to increase the standard rates immediately in view of inflation,” he told the German Press Agency. If there is no quick agreement, the Union wants to have the Bundestag vote again on a proposal to raise the standard rates on January 1st. This was also announced by CDU General Secretary Mario Czaja at the editorial network Germany (RND/Sunday).

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The traffic light had so far strictly rejected a performance increase without reform. FDP faction leader Christian Dürr said in the newspapers of the Funke media group (Sunday): “The fact is that more money alone is not enough to increase the chances of advancement.”

SPD leader Saskia Esken

Saskia Esken is optimistic and says there will be a good compromise.

(Photo: dpa)

SPD leader Saskia Esken told the “Tagesspiegel” (Saturday): “There will be a good compromise in the mediation committee.” FDP Secretary General Bijan Djir-Sarai told the German Press Agency: “I’m confident that a quick agreement on citizen income can succeed if the Union participates objectively and results-oriented in finding a common solution.

The FDP Vice President Johannes Vogel emphasized planned performance incentives. “The citizen’s income has a strong liberal core – and that is the stronger work and performance incentive for those affected,” said Vogel of the dpa. He explained: “With the citizen’s income we want to enable those affected to earn more than they do today.” In front of the Southwest SPD, Esken accused the Union of disinformation and “an abysmal view of man”. It is “fake news” when the Union claims that work is no longer worthwhile with higher standard rates. The deputy head of the CDU employee wing, Christian Bäumler, told the dpa that Esken was torpedoing a compromise with their statements.

Left leader Martin Schirdewan criticized in the Funke newspapers that the Union was going through “its party-politically motivated blockade” in the Bundesrat. “The Union is thus demonstrating social indifference and its political and moral decline from a conservative party to cheap Trump populism.”
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