UN criticize school ban for Afghan girls

empty classroom

Girls in Afghanistan have not been allowed to go to school for a year.

(Photo: AP)

Islamabad To mark the anniversary of the ban on girls attending school in grades seven through twelfth, the United Nations Afghanistan criticized. “This is a tragic, shameful and completely avoidable anniversary,” said the acting head of the UN mission in Afghanistan, Markus Potzel, on Sunday. The UN called on the local Taliban government to allow girls to attend higher classes again.

According to UN estimates, more than a million girls were prevented from going to school in Afghanistan last year school to go. There is “no credible justification” for the exclusion. That doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. The exclusion was “deeply damaging for a generation of girls and for the future of Afghanistan itself,” said Potzel.

The United Nations expressed concern that others Restrictions on fundamental freedoms would lead to the economic crisis worsening.

After taking power in August 2021, the militant Islamist Taliban remain isolated internationally. Millions more Afghans are now living in poverty. International aid has declined.

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