UN commission accuses Russia of war crimes

Im Russian war of aggression against the Ukraine war crimes have been committed according to a UN commission of inquiry. This was said by the Norwegian Erik Møse, the chairman of the body set up by the United Nations, on Friday before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. However, he did not explicitly name the perpetrators, but rather the victims.

Møse pointed to air raids on inhabited areas, a large number of shootings and the mass graves found in areas formerly occupied by Russian troops and recaptured by Ukrainian forces. There are also cases where children have been “raped, tortured and illegally detained”.

The "Independent International Commission of Inquiry into Ukraine" was set up in March of this year by a resolution of the UN Human Rights Council. It is tasked with investigating all allegations of human rights violations and similar crimes "in connection with the aggression against Ukraine by the Russian Federation," according to the mandate. In addition to the former head of the UN war crimes tribunal for Rwanda, Møse, the commission includes the Bosnian ombudswoman Jasminka Džumhur and the Colombian Pablo de Greiff, a former UN human rights correspondent.

Russia did not take part in the Geneva meeting and refused to cooperate with the commission. Møse stressed that the commission is independent and impartial in its work. He also cited two cases of abused Russian soldiers. "Although these cases are few, we will continue to investigate them," he said.

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