UN call on Germany to continue aid to Afghanistan

Dhe Deputy UN Secretary-General Amina Mohammed has warned Germany and the other EU states not to Taliban stopping humanitarian aid deliveries in Afghanistan. Governments have to explain to taxpayers why money is being given to a country that discriminates against women so much, said Mohammed to the German Press Agency and other international media in Brussels. But the unpleasant truth is that women and children in Afghanistan would die without help from abroad.

“There are temperatures of minus 30 degrees,” said the Deputy Secretary General. “And there are people who don’t know where they will get their next meal from.” The aim of the international community must be to use pressure in other areas to persuade the militant Islamist Taliban to withdraw discriminatory decisions against women or at least to make more exceptions. As an example, she cited the far-reaching employment and training bans for women, which also include work for aid organizations.

“Can’t make us henchmen of the Taliban”

In Afghanistan The Taliban have been back in power since the summer of 2021 following the withdrawal of international troops. The EU is discussing whether further development aid can be provided. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock announced a tough German position at an EU meeting on Monday.

“If women can no longer work for international organizations, then the aid will no longer arrive. And as an international community, we cannot become the Taliban’s henchmen with regard to the ban on women working,” said the Greens politician. “That means: Where women are no longer allowed to work, German relief supplies can no longer arrive either.” The Taliban are taking the entire Afghan population “hostage”.

The Taliban are heavily criticized internationally, above all because of a massive curtailment of women’s rights. Schools for girls from the seventh grade on are closed in large parts of the country. University attendance has also been taboo for women since December. In November, parks and gyms had to close their doors to women. At the end of December, women were banned from working for non-governmental organizations.

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