Uli Hoeneß on Bundesliga play-offs, World Cup plans and Max Eberl

Bayern Munich Honorary President Uli Hoeneß has vehemently opposed playoff games for the German championship in the Bundesliga. “That’s just a law against Bayern Munich,” said the 70-year-old on the program “Sport and Talk from Hangar-7” on Monday evening on the TV station Servus TV about the current debate about a changed game mode: “I find that ridiculous. In the Bundesliga, after 34 match days, the champion should be the one who has gone through thick and thin with his team.”

The fight for the title in the Bundesliga has been suffering for years from the dominance of Bayern, who are currently aiming for their tenth championship in a row. “It has nothing to do with tension,” Hoeneß said of the playoffs. Regarding the new head of the league, Donata Hopfen, Hoeneß remarked: “The new managing director of the DFL is now thinking day and night about how we can break the dominance of FC Bayern. And now they come up with this idea.”

There are no playoffs in any major football league in the world, Hoeneß argued: “Not in England, not in France, not in Spain, not in Italy. The knockout system is in the DFB Cup, the knockout system is in the Champions League. And the championship has to be won by whoever is the best team throughout the year.” Hoeneß also referred to the already full schedule: “At the end of the season, when everyone is broken, I still have playoffs with semifinals and finals, I think a joke idea.”

“When do you want to play?”

That Bayern boss Oliver Kahn open to a debate about the playoffs, Hoeneß commented succinctly: “That’s his opinion, it’s not mine.” allowed to play with ten people.”

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