Ukraine war: Biden: As close to “Armageddon” as it hasn’t been since the Cuban Missile Crisis

Ukraine war
Biden: Closer to “Armageddon” than since the Cuban Missile Crisis

US President Joe Biden speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.  Photo: Susan Walsh/AP/dpa

US President Joe Biden speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. photo

© Susan Walsh/AP/dpa

In October 1962, the Soviet Union stationed medium-range missiles in Cuba, dramatically escalating the Cold War. 60 years later, the world is again talking about a nuclear threat.

US President Joe Biden sees the danger of a nuclear confrontation with catastrophic consequences after threats from the Kremlin as great as it has not been for 60 years. The world has not faced the prospect of “Armageddon” since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, Biden said at a performance in New York, according to journalists traveling with him

He knows Russian President Vladimir Putin pretty well, Biden said. And the Kremlin chief does not joke when he talks about the potential use of tactical nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, since the Russian military is engaged in combat operations in the Ukraine weak. At the same time, he does not believe that it would be possible to simply use tactical nuclear weapons without this leading to “Armageddon,” emphasized the US President.

scholz: “Everyone should leave it alone”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has Russia warned against the use of nuclear weapons. “The use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable,” said the SPD politician on Friday after an informal EU summit in Prague. “That would be dangerous for the world.” It is important to give a clear answer to the threats. “And this answer must be: Everyone should leave it alone.”

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen emphasized that the threats from the Russian President should be taken into account Wladimir Putin serious, but don’t let his words blackmail you.

Russia recently annexed four occupied Ukrainian territories in violation of international law, and Putin, among others, announced that they would defend them with all available means. For some time now, the USA has been warning the Russian leadership in direct contacts that the use of tactical nuclear weapons would have serious consequences. At the same time, the White House did not want to comment publicly on what these consequences might look like. The US government also said it had not seen any concrete steps by Russia to use nuclear weapons.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a dramatic intensification of the Cold War in October 1962 after the Soviet Union stationed medium-range missiles on the island. The two superpowers had come close to a nuclear war in the roughly two-week conflict, but eliminated the danger with negotiations.


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