Ukraine: How are the people in Kyiv doing? - Politics

The anti-tank obstacles removed, the sandbags removed - in Kyiv there is little to remind you that the country is in the middle of a war. There is an eerie calm. But how are the people there really doing?


Catherine KahlweitKyiv

A few months ago, the central streets were guarded by members of the Territorial Defense Forces, sandbags were stacked everywhere. Meanwhile, one must look for outward signs that the nation is in an existential crisis and that the Kremlin has only just threatened to use nuclear weapons. On the Maidan, the capital's central square, a few rusty roadside anti-tank barriers are piled up like an art installation in public space, and even the air raid alarm, which used to startle residents with its howling every few hours at the beginning of the war and now only sounds sporadically, is dead has given way to the squeaking of alarm messages on cell phones that hardly anyone takes notice of.

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