UK energy crisis: fracking as an option

Fracking facility near Blackpool
Image: dpa

It is true that Liz Truss' government is reopening the possibility of shale mining for gas. Opponents of technology exaggerate the risks.

NYes, a fracking gas boom will probably not break out in Great Britain any time soon. Even if the government of Liz Truss now paving the way for new licenses, investors will remain hesitant. The uncertainties and local resistance are too great.

The geological conditions in the Bowland Formation in northern England are also much more challenging, the shale rock is more difficult to break up than in the classic, sparsely populated fracking areas in the USA and Canada; the risk of small seismic tremors is higher. But the opponents exaggerate.

The test site near Preston experienced only minimal earthquakes. In view of the energy crisis and the sharp rise in the price of gas, which is likely to remain very expensive for years to come, it is prudent for the government to at least avoid the possibility of fracking keep open.

And when fracking companies sign contracts with local communities for a financial participation in the profits, even doubters can be persuaded in structurally weak northern England.

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