UEFA fines Cologne and Frankfurt for fan riots

Dhe Bundesliga clubs Eintracht Frankfurt and 1. FC Köln are due to the fan riots at their recent European Cup away games from the Uefa been punished.

Eintracht has to because of what happened at the Champions League game on September 13th Olympique Marseille pay a fine totaling 45,000 euros. In addition, the club was imposed two suspension penalties for a period of one year: a partial closure of at least 1000 places at the next European Cup home game and a fan exclusion at an away game.

UEFA sanctions racist behavior

The people of Cologne have to dig even deeper into their pockets because of the misconduct of parts of the trailer. The Rhinelanders were fined 100,000 euros, and no tickets may be sold to FC fans in the next two away games in the Conference League. The penalties included firing off pyrotechnics, throwing objects and rioting in the stands at the September 8 game at OGC Nice.

UEFA saw these facts as fulfilled at Eintracht, but there was also the fact of the racist behavior that two people had shown towards the home fans before kick-off.

"The verdict obviously not only takes into account the extraordinary general conditions surrounding the game and the state of emergency in the city and in the stadium, but also our enormous organizational efforts and in particular the clear attitude and communication of the club to the events," said Eintracht board member Philipp Reschke the verdict.

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