Udo Lindenberg receives Hamburg honorary citizenship

Udo Lindenberg is to receive Hamburg’s highest award, honorary citizenship, on Wednesday. Before the Hamburg Parliament votes on the Senate’s motion, Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) and representatives of the parliamentary groups have the floor at around 6:30 p.m. Parliament’s approval of the last item on the agenda of the day’s session is considered certain. A ceremony is planned to follow in the main ballroom.

Lindenberg (76), born in Westphalia, who has lived in Hamburg lives, joins an illustrious group of personalities as an honorary citizen. In addition to politicians such as former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (1918-2015) and writers such as Siegfried Lenz (1926-2014), the recently deceased soccer player Uwe Seeler, Hamburg’s ballet director John Neumeier, children’s book author Kirsten Boie and entrepreneur Michael Otto are among Hamburg’s honorary citizens.

Tschentscher had already proposed Lindenberg as an honorary citizen on the occasion of his 75th birthday in May 2021. Due to the long-lasting corona restrictions, the award can only be handed over now.

Lindenberg was born on May 17, 1946 in Gronau in North Rhine-Westphalia. He has lived in Hamburg since the late 1960s and in a suite in the Hotel Atlantic since the 1990s. In the early 1970s, the singer revolutionized rock music with German lyrics – he started a unique career with street lyrics and rap. He wrote hundreds of songs, including hits like “Horizont”, “Cello”, “Sonderzug nach Pankow” and “What are wars for?” and filled the largest halls with his rock revues, most recently this summer with “Udopium Live 2022”.

His biography and his work are closely linked to Hamburg and northern Germany. “Udo Lindenberg helped German-language rock music to break through and made it successful for decades with distinctive language and time-related lyrics,” the Senate announced last year. His efforts to achieve understanding within Germany are part of the history of reunification.

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