Two “Star Wars” films put on hold: This is the Star Wars saga

Two “Star Wars” films put on hold: This is the Star Wars saga

Two “Star Wars” films put on hold
That’s how it is with the Star Wars saga

What about the future of "star Wars"-Cinemamovies?

What about the future of “Star Wars” movies?

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The “Star Wars” films of the Marvel boss and the “Wonder Woman” director are history. How will “Star Wars” continue in cinemas?

“Star Wars” series like “The Mandalorian” are thriving on the Disney+ streaming service. Moviegoers, on the other hand, have been waiting for supplies from the galaxy far, far away since 2019’s “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. Now the US industry magazine “Variety” has reportedthat two new “Star Wars” film projects that were in development have been put on hold. An overview of the future of the Star Wars saga on the big screen.

No “Star Wars” film from the Marvel boss for the time being

First to the known projects that should no longer be in active development: Marvel boss Kevin Feige (49) wanted a “star WarsProduce a film that “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” author Michael Waldron (35) was already working on a screenplay for. However, this project has now been put on hold in favor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Waldron is working on the script for the upcoming one Avengers film “Avengers: Secret Wars”, which is scheduled to be released in cinemas in November 2025. Feige, as head supervisor, is meanwhile busy with up to 20 Marvel series and films that have been announced for the next four years alone.

Patty Jenkins’ “Rogue Squadron” is probably off the table

According to “Variety”, “Rogue Squadron” by “Wonder Woman 1 and 2” director Patty Jenkins (51) is also no longer in active development. This is not a surprise, because last year the “Star Wars” film was scheduled to hit theaters in December 2023 Disney been deleted. This project, it seems, is finally off the table.

The next “Star Wars” movies from Taika Waititi and Damon Lindelof

Meanwhile, two prominent filmmakers are currently in the running for a new Star Wars movie. The New Zealand director Taika Waititi (47), known among other things for the Marvel blockbusters “Thor 3 and 4”, should continue to work on his “Star Wars” movie, according to “Variety”. However, there is still no information about the plot or title of this project.

Director Waititi is also said to have a role in the film. The 47-year-old has often appeared as an actor in recent years, appearing as Adolf Hitler in his Oscar-winning comedy “Jojo Rabbit” and borrowing in “Thor 3 and 4” and the “Star Wars” series “The MandalorianWaititi has also directed an episode of the “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian” in the past, so he already has directing experience in a galaxy far, far away.

Disney and Lucasfilm have announced the theatrical release of a “Star Wars” film for December 2025. In addition to Waititi’s untitled project, a “Star Wars” film is also possible for this date, which the former “Lost” maker Damon Lindelof (49) is supposed to write together with Justin Britt-Gibson. “Ms. Marvel” director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (44) is to direct. Also, nothing is known about the plot of this potential film yet.

It’s important to note that Disney and Lucasfilm have not yet officially confirmed any of these projects. Filming on a new “Star Wars” movie hasn’t even started yet. Fans of the Star Wars saga may find something new here at the Star Wars Celebration in London in early April.

On the Horizon: Shawn Levy and Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Films

“Deadpool 3” and “Stranger Things” director Shawn Levy (54) is said to direct a “Star Wars” movie in the future. The filmmaker only confirmed this in December 2022 to “Collider”.. However, Levy is first busy with his two major projects, Deadpool 3 and Stranger Things, and the Star Saga franchise will have to wait.

“Star Wars” fans will not like to hear that Rian Johnson (49), the director of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, is still interested in the realization of his 2017 announced films from the galaxy far, far away should have. While this project is not currently in active development, it is not completely off the table either.

The controversial head behind “Star Wars 8” will also be busy in the next few years. Johnson is currently working on “Knives Out 3” with Daniel Craig (55) as detective Benoit Blanc and his new series “Poker Face”, which has successfully started in the USA on the Peacock streaming service.


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