Two men pretend to be dead at a traffic stop

A traffic check by the police (symbol image)
Image: dpa

First, two men fled from a traffic check by the police in Erfurt, then they parked the car, got in the back and pretended to be dead. According to the police, they are “public Erfurt residents”.

um to evade a traffic check, have in Erfurt two 42-year-olds dead – but without success. As the police in the Thuringian state capital announced on Sunday evening, the two fled in their car in the morning from a control in the Azmannsdorf district. However, the officers discovered the vehicle shortly afterwards – locked from the inside.

The two 42-year-olds lay on their stomachs in the back of the car and pretended to be dead. Only after the police officers had repeatedly threatened to force the vehicle open did the two unlock from the inside and allow themselves to be checked. According to the police, the “known Erfurt residents” were under the influence of drugs and did not have a valid driver’s license.

Both denied driving the car, so they were taken to a police station where blood was drawn. The officers also found a stolen e-scooter from a rental company in the vehicle. The 42-year-old was released after the police measures were completed “with a conglomerate of various reports”.

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