Twitter leaves code of conduct against disinformation

Twitter leaves code of conduct against disinformation

DAccording to the EU Commission, the short message service Twitter is withdrawing from an EU agreement against the spread of disinformation on the Internet. EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton wrote on Twitter on Saturday night that the social network was leaving the voluntary EU code of conduct against disinformation. “But the commitments remain. You can run, but you can’t hide,” he wrote.

Beyond the voluntary commitments, the fight against disinformation will be a legal obligation from August 25 under the so-called EU Digital Services Act (DSA). “Our teams will be prepared for enforcement,” Breton wrote.

In February the EU Commission Published reports on how online platforms, including Google, Meta, Microsoft and TikTok, implement the rules of the EU voluntary code of conduct. The Brussels authorities stated at the time that Twitter’s report had lagged behind the others. In their reports, the platforms showed, among other things, how many fake accounts were created and used or how fact checks affected the spread of disinformation.

The Act on Digital Services is also intended to ensure, among other things, that platforms remove illegal content on their sites more quickly. The requirements apply from mid-February 2024 throughout the EU – earlier for particularly large platforms.

Breton said at the end of November that Twitter must step up its efforts to comply with EU law. The social network must introduce transparent user guidelines, moderate content significantly more, protect freedom of expression and take decisive action against disinformation.

Twitter boss Elon Musk had always emphasized that what he saw as excessive restrictions on freedom of expression on the platform should be eliminated. A good two weeks ago, the tech billionaire announced that after a chaotic six months, he would be handing over the top post at Twitter to advertising expert Linda Yaccarino.

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