Twist lock boots for motorcyclists

Twist lock boots for motorcyclists

SScrew-lock footwear is something you can quickly get used to. The technique with a thin rope that is guided backwards via several deflection points, which is closed, opened and finely adjusted using a rotary knob, has spread among running, hiking and cycling shoes, can be found in mountain, snowboard and ski touring boots and will soon even be installed on the first alpine ski boots from some manufacturers.

The rope trick instead of buckles or shoelaces is most familiar from Boa. In contrast, the Italian shoe brand TCX uses a similar-looking Atop system for its Infinity 3 motorcycle boots. The rope, which is anchored at the front, runs on the outside via four pulling points to the back to the swivel, with which it is tightened. The Infinity is offered in a version with a short shaft that reaches a little above the ankle at a list price of 270 euros and in a version with a long shaft that reaches below the knee, which costs 380 euros.

For use on two-wheelers

Both run in the “Adventure” department and are therefore mainly designed for touring and off-road motorcycles. In our opinion, however, only the high variant called Infinity 3 GTX is seriously suitable for off-road use, because it protects the shin and calf from impact.

The shorter version called Infinity 3 Mid, which we tried, is ideal for use on all kinds of bicycles, for example when quick opening and closing is important in everyday life, and effortless putting on and taking off, favored by the wide entry that the Atop system releases like that of Boa. In the September 13, 2022 issue, we described an enduro and touring boot with a Boa fastener, the Destino Ultimate GTX from Touratech for 629 euros.

Yellow advantage: Dainese offers the Scout 2 touring glove in black or with neon yellow details.  Both offer protection and warmth.

Yellow advantage: Dainese offers the Scout 2 touring glove in black or with neon yellow details. Both offer protection and warmth.

Image: manufacturer

A possible disadvantage of the principle: There is only one button for adjustment and nothing else, different zones of the shoe cannot be laced separately. From case to case it can happen that the shoe is too wide in one part of the foot, while it is too tight in another, for example over the instep. You have to try it.

We found the Infinity 3 Mid, with its padded Ortholite insole, to be comfortable – not only while riding but also when walking, although the massive sole feels stiff, again in line with off-road capability and the requirement of standing up riding, when your feet need a firm grip on the pegs. The strength comes at the expense of the sensitivity of the footrests, shifters and brake levers. The soft end of the shaft, however, ensures that it does not chafe when running.

Robust and with protection level

TCX uses a robust-looking combination of microfiber, suede and abrasion-resistant functional fabric for the upper of the high and low boots, and seals the construction with a Goretex membrane. Reinforcements are installed on the toe cap, the heel and, in the case of the long-shaft boot, on the shin. The width is adjusted at the top of the shaft with a Velcro fastener – one on short boots and two on long boots. According to the sewn-in label, the boots made in Romania correspond to protection level 2-2-2-2 of the relevant standard EN 13634:2017.

Boot specialist TCX has been part of Dainese, the northern Italian manufacturer of clothing and protective equipment, which also includes gloves, for several years. Here the company offers a new version of the Scout 2 touring glove with Primaloft lining and Gore-Tex membrane for low temperatures and cold, wet weather. Features include a suede palm, kid leather reinforcements, knuckle and finger protectors and a solid plastic protection for the outer ball of the hand (in case you slip on asphalt) as well as reflective strips, elastic inserts, long cuffs and a rubberized visor wiper on the left index finger .

All fingers are pre-bent, which improves comfort and grip, and the width of the cuff and joint can be easily adjusted. Excellent fit, no irritating seams: the Scout 2 is definitely a top class shoe, which can also be recognized by its price of 190 euros. Just with the alleged touchscreen capability, it’s the same as always with lined motorbike gloves: the fingertips are much too thick, that’s no good.

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