TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

TV soaps
That’s what happens in the soaps today

"GZSZ": Carlos thanks Nina for her support.

“GZSZ”: Carlos thanks Nina for her support.

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2:10 p.m., The first: Red roses

Malte tries to dissuade Ben from his suspicion that he is a smuggler. But Ben doesn’t believe him. Only when Malte goes on the offensive and offers to police to go, Ben gives in and is reassured. Nici is relieved: Finn is ready to forgive her infidelity. But when he sees Nici with a strange man, Finn realizes that he no longer trusts her. He breaks up with her with a heavy heart.

3:10 p.m., The First: Storm of Love

Max comes after Carolin’s attempted marriage and is upset, although he’s on cloud nine after kissing Liesl. Once again the painful breakup with Vanessa comes up in his mind and he realizes that he still loves her. When Carolin then tries to talk to him, he declares war on her. Eleni decides to cancel the trip to the USA and prefers to stay in Bichlheim, where Leander can continue to look after her. However, she does not want to stay in the hotel. When she packs her bags with Leander’s help to move from the “Fürstenhof” to Shirin’s flat share, Alexandra tries to stop her.

5:30 p.m., RTL: Among us

Cecilia has to finish a model for the university at short notice, but she doesn’t have the necessary material. The solution to their problem can be found on the street of all places. After Easy has learned his lesson, Bambi wants to return the kiosk goods unnoticed. Will that work? Benedikt plans to build lucrative multi-storey car parks. When Ute’s critical reaction hits a sore spot from his youth, Benedikt initially reacts unfairly.

7:05 p.m., RTL: Everything that counts

Alexander’s departure for Munich is brutally foiled. The rocker boss is planning revenge. After Jenny’s daughter Annabelle found out about their separation, Jenny and Justus have to pull themselves together to please her. That’s not easy for Jenny and Justus. When Anna realizes with a guilty conscience that her intrigue against her competitor Leyla is beginning to bear fruit, she doesn’t cut a good figure on the ice.

7:40 p.m., RTL: Good times, bad times

Moritz makes it clear to everyone what an opportunity the casting for the Simon March collection is for him. Luis and Jonas tease him with a pimple on his nose, but little do they know that they are setting off a veritable avalanche. Carlos fears that he has messed it up with Gerner, but Nina has mercy and takes the blame. Carlos thanks him with a meal, whereupon Nina’s feelings for him flare up again.


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