TV show: “Celebrity Big Brother”: Singer Jay Khan moves in

TV show
“Celebrity Big Brother”: Singer Jay Khan moves in

The candidates of the new season "Celebrity Big Brother", which launches on November 18, 2022.  Photo: Gerald Matzka/Henning Kaiser/Georg

The candidates for the new season “Celebrity Big Brother”, which starts on November 18, 2022. photo

© Gerald Matzka/Henning Kaiser/Georg Wendt/dpa

The house is slowly filling up. In addition to jungle king Menderes Bağci and celebrity impersonator Jörg Knör, singer Jay Khan is also under constant surveillance.

A lot of jungle experience, another football commentator and certainly Zoff potential: The house of the new season “Celebrity Big Brother” is slowly filling up. As the broadcaster Sat.1 revealed on Monday, singer Jay Khan, among others, will move into the dwelling, which is constantly monitored by television cameras. He had his breakthrough with the boy band US5 (“Maria”). He also has relevant experience on reality TV with: Khan was already in the RTL jungle camp in 2011. There he tied up with colleague Indira Weis with great media interest, even if not everyone believed it.Those who like trash TV should still have the romance in mind .

In the house, the singer will meet football commentator Jörg Dahlmann, who will probably not be able to watch the football World Cup in Qatar, because the tournament is running parallel to “Celebrity Big Brother”. However, the show is considered a good place for sports reporters. In 2020, Dahlmann’s colleague Werner Hansch won.

Other candidates include singer Tanja Tischewitsch (also former jungle campcontestant) and reality star Sam Dylan. The latter is well known for being able to bring life to a reality show. He proved that, among other things, in “Battle of the Reality Stars” (RTLzwei).

already had before Sat 1 reveal that the candidates for “Celebrity Big Brother” this year will include “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” permanent candidate and king of the jungle Menderes Bağci and celebrity impersonator Jörg Knör.

The new season of the format starts on Friday (November 18). The finale is to be seen on December 7th.


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