TV election campaign: duel between two Italy - politics

The election favorite Giorgia Meloni from the post-fascists competes online with the social democrat Enrico Letta: very civilized and on first name terms. The two like each other, but their world views are very different.


Oliver MeierRome

The Italians attended what is probably the only television duel that will take place between the most promising party leaders before the parliamentary elections on September 25 - if they knew about it. Giorgia Meloni from the post-fascist Fratelli d'Italia, the election favourites, measured himself Enrico Letta by the social democratic Partito Democratico. And on the newspaper's website Corriere della Sera, because no agreement could be found for a similar format with clear rules and time measurements on the state broadcaster Rai. Of the Corriere is the largest daily newspaper in Italy, but TV is not his world, you could see that from the setting: sober studio, semi-professional lighting. But maybe that even helped focus on what was being said.

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