Turnitin product manager Chechitelli on plagiarism and ChatGPT

Turnitin product manager Chechitelli on plagiarism and ChatGPT

Threat or Promise? Teachers at a workshop on ChatGPT in Geneva
Image: AFP

The US company Turnitin wants to help schools and universities find out if ChatGPT was involved. Product Director Annie Chechitelli on the appeal of cheating and what bothers her about ChatGPT.

Ms. Chechitelli, how widespread is cheating in schools and universities?

We can’t express that in numbers. But it’s clear that people love abbreviations, that’s who we are. student and students sometimes only think about short-term results and not long-term success. There is always a temptation to take shortcuts like this and we want to help teachers and professors to stop it.

And how do you do that?

We believe that cheating is intentional, and we leave it up to the teachers to judge if that’s the case. We see it as our task to provide the teachers with information for this decision. We are above all for our software known, which recognizes similarities between texts. When she does that, it doesn’t always have to be intentional. Sometimes students just aren’t good at citing correctly.

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