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Hasan Ismaik was once again in Germany himself at the weekend. Not in Mannheim, where TSV 1860 lost 3-1 at the start of the third division with a very poor performance, but in Munich, at the Hotel Mandarin Oriental. It’s always an event when Ismaik pays one of his rare visits over the past few years. The investor posted a photo on social media with his governor, Anthony Power, in front of the Löwen fan shop in the city center, and on Sunday evening he posted a lot of photos: Ismaik with a smiling trainer Michael Köllner; Ismaik with a statesmanlike finance manager Marc-Nicolai Pfeifer; Ismaik with a frugal looking sports director Günther Gorenzel.

Ismaik commented on all the snapshots in the Internet album: “We agree: we stick together! Every person in charge who contributes his entire effort enjoys my full support and certainly the club’s full support as well.” (By club side he meant the co-partner eV, more on that later.) The club should not “make the mistake of questioning everything after every setback”, it read: “A look at the history of 1860 confirms that knee-jerk reactions are always a were bad advisors.”

That could be interpreted in such a way that coach Köllner is not up for debate from Ismaik’s point of view – although in view of the downward trend that began long before the winter break and the mood in the club, the question of coaching is certainly not short-circuit. TSV, who have set themselves the goal of promotion, have not won in five games and have picked up just 11 points in the last 11 games.

The next day, Ismaik confirmed his opinion of Köllner even more clearly to the SZ via Whatsapp: “He’s a good man, I will continue to trust him and support him.” In the next message, the investor immediately followed: “I also support the sports director and trust him.” It was obviously important for him to emphasize that it finally seemed to be crunching between Köllner and Gorenzel. So Ismaik would prefer: success again, without any personnel changes.

Of the many snaps from Mandarin Oriental, the most notable was who Not what could be seen on it was: a representative of the other shareholder, the eV – which of course once again gave the unfortunate impression that at sixty only Ismaik’s opinion counted, 50+1 was virtually annulled. President Robert Reisinger is on vacation in South Africa for his birthday, but there would have been other members of the Executive Committee or members of the Board of Directors who would have had time.

And their presence might not have been uninteresting: the eV’s doubts about Köllner have now increased significantly. In addition, there were “Köllner raus” calls from the fan block in Mannheim and a poster that criticized the coach for all sorts of declarations of love towards Qatar (“Wild babble and Qatar put into perspective. ,Footballers play Soccer‘ and train coaches”). And the meeting with Ismaik without an eV representative will not have reduced the annoyance in club committees and in the fan block, which only partly has to do with the sporting situation and also with political and club-political statements. Köllner had made the Qatar statements after a trip to the World Cup, during which he had met Ismaik Apparently, the two got along well right away, at least Ismaik posted afterwards: “I will be with Köllner and other 1860 members in February to the pope travel, we have agreed.”

The managing directors will only act against the will of the investor with great abdominal pain

As far as his employment is concerned, Köllner now apparently has the pope in his pocket. In view of so much heavenly support from the main society, it was no wonder that the managing directors Pfeifer and Gorenzel felt it necessary to send out a press release on Tuesday evening, which should show that they have their hats off when it comes to the question of who should coach the team: It is “to be noted that only the management of the TSV 1860 Munichin particular the technical assessment of the sports manager, decides on the structures of the professional team and the composition of the trainer and functional team”. But the managers will only act against the will of the investor Ismaik with great abdominal pain.

Especially since the question arises as to how a possible successor could be financed at all. The players for whom Köllner no longer sees a place in the squad – Quirin Moll, Kevin Goden, Lorenz Knöferl, Marius Willsch – have all not found a new club (or even searched for it) and remain on the payroll. And the new midfielder Raphael Holzhauser, who was heavily challenged by Köllner, can also be found there.

As always with Sixty, when it comes to coaching, everything has to do with finances. A cheap successor idea should have been done: assistant coach Stefan Reisinger started his football teacher training at the German Football Association on Monday and has to complete attendance days in Frankfurt again and again. But maybe it just happens the way Ismaik imagines: Köllner, Power, Gorenzel, Reisinger, the players, the investors-governors, the board of directors, the fans – all together are successful again and love each other. It all can start in the home game on Saturday (2 p.m.) against Zwickau, for which Gorenzel demands: “I expect a clear reaction from the team and all players in the given situation.” The stupid thing is that at sixty things have rarely turned out the way Ismaik imagined.

As if the lions themselves wanted to underline the confusion about who decides what for them, the press release ended with the words: “Regardless of this, the management is grateful for the trust placed in them and the support of both shareholders that they made the best possible decisions in terms of a positive development of TSV 1860 Munich.” When asked, the press department changed the last word to “meets”. That’s how it was meant – the question is whether it’s actually true.

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