Trump gives right-wing extremists Zemmour campaign tips

Dhe far-right French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour has met the former American president donald trump according to his own statement, a “long and heartfelt conversation” was held. One topic was “the record number of votes for an outgoing US President in 2020”, said Zemmour on Twitter on Tuesday, namely “12 million more than in 2016”. With this, Zemmour echoes Trump’s claims that the presidential election was rigged, but there was no evidence for this.

They also talked about migration, security and the economic situation, the favorite topics of both politicians. After all, they discussed the reasons for Trump’s election success in 2016. “Donald Trump wants the US to stay the US. Eric Zemmour wants France to remain France,” the candidate summed up.

An employee of Zemmours said on the French television channel France 2 on Tuesday that the two spoke on the phone for around 40 minutes on Monday. “Donald Trump told Eric Zemmour not to back down and to stand firm and be brave,” said Guillaume Peltier, deputy leader of Zemmour’s “Reconquete” movement. The initiative for the conversation came from Zemmour’s team.

Trump officials could not immediately be reached for comment. Randy Yaloz, a representative of the Republican country group in France, said he was present during the call. The conversation was cordial. Trump has not yet decided whether he will officially support Zemmour.

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