Trump expects his arrest next Tuesday – and is calling for protests

Trump expects his arrest next Tuesday – and is calling for protests

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The former US President is planning his first campaign appearance for the 2024 presidential election in Texas.

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new York Former US President donald trump announced on social media that he would be arrested next Tuesday. In the statement on his network Truth Social, he referred to investigations by the New York prosecutor’s office that he had paid women with whom he is said to have had sexual encounters hush money.

In capital letters, Trump wrote Saturday: “By far the leading Republican nominee and former President of the United States of America will be arrested Tuesday next week.” “Illegal leaks” from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office indicated this. Trump called on his supporters to protest. Security agencies have begun preparing for the possibility that Trump could be indicted.

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Trump is currently facing a number of investigations. In one case, these seemed to be close to completion: in connection with alleged hush money payments by the former president, the porn actress Stormy Daniels testified on Wednesday before the investigating prosecutors. $130,000 is said to have flowed to Daniels ahead of the 2016 US presidential election. At the same time, Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who is said to have handled the payment, testified before a grand jury.

Before announcing his impending arrest, Trump announced that he would be holding the first rally of his 2024 presidential campaign in Texas. The venue on the evening of March 25 will be Waco, according to his campaign team.

Trump has a large following in Texas. He spent the first few months of his campaign mostly at his Florida home, but has since begun visiting early-voting states.

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