Trouble in Formula 1 about Bergekran and Pierre Gasly in Suzuka

Trouble in Formula 1 about Bergekran and Pierre Gasly in Suzuka

EA dangerously placed recovery crane at the side of the track caused a lot of trouble among Formula 1 drivers in Japan and triggered a new safety debate. “It was the worst thing I’ve seen in years. I hope that was the last time and never happens again in any racing series,” said the angry Mexican Sergio Perez.

The Red Bull driver spoke from the heart of most pilots after the Frenchman Pierre Gasly narrowly passed the tow truck and then got angry. However, the 26-year-old was illegally driving much too fast himself.

Crane reminds of Bianchi accident

“What is this tractor doing on the track?” the Alpha Tauri driver yelled to his team over the pit radio on Sunday: “I drove right past it. That is unacceptable. Remember what happened. I can’t believe it.” He later cursed that he was able to kill himself in this situation and ran angrily through the paddock.

Gasly recalled October 5, 2014. Eight years ago, his good friend Jules Bianchi crashed under a tow truck in a horrific accident in the rain at Suzuka. He had sustained severe head injuries, and Bianchi died as a result the following summer, 2015. It was the last fatality in Formula 1.

“I don’t know if there’s much more to say about that,” said the former world champion Sebastian Vettel: “We had a very tragic accident here eight years ago. Jules lost his life and I don’t know how something like that can happen.”

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