“Tron 3”: Trilogy conclusion with Jared Leto in the works?

“tron 3”
Trilogy conclusion with Jared Leto in the works?

Actor Jared Leto (left) and director Joachim Ronning (right) will both appear in a new one "Tron"- Participate in the film.

Actor Jared Leto (left) and director Joachim Ronning (right) will both appear in a new “Tron” film.

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A third “Tron” movie starring actor Jared Leto is apparently on the way. “Tron: Ares” is to be directed by Joachim Ronning.

A third “Tron” part will apparently soon become reality. According to “Entertainment Weekly” Jared Leto (51) takes on the leading role in the Disney sequel, which is to be called “Tron: Ares”. The project will be directed by Joachim Ronning (50, “Maleficent: Powers of Darkness”).

As “Entertainment Weekly” writes further, try leto been trying to get the film up and running for years. He is also said to be the producer of the third “Tron” film. In 2020, a third “Tron” was about to be created, and Leto was already scheduled to play the leading role. But director Garth Davis (48, “Lion”) withdrew from the project. A suitable replacement seems to have been found in Ronning, who at least has an Oscar nomination for “Kon-Tiki” (2012).

That happened in the first two parts

Set in the original 1982 film Tron Jeff Bridges (73) starring as computer programmer Kevin Flynn, who is transported to a world inside a mainframe computer. Flynn battles the MCP program to prove his ex-colleague Ed Dillinger (David Warner, 1941-2022) was cheating. The special feature: All programs run through the digital world as people.

Bridges reprized the role in 2010’s “Tron: Legacy” in the directorial debut of Joseph Kosinski (48, Top Gun: Maverick”). Disappears in the sequel Kevin Flynn 1989 without a trace. His son Sam (Garrett Hedlund, 38) is also drawn into the computer world 20 years later and finds his father there again. Together they fight against the runaway program Clu (also Bridges). They are helped by the mysterious Quorra (Olivia Wilde, 38).

Both “Tron” films received moderate reception at the box office, critics and audiences did not show much enthusiasm. Only the – for that time – innovative special effects were celebrated and gave the strip a certain cult status.


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