Traffic light must fundamentally improve on citizens’ income

Dhe Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder has reiterated its fundamental reservations about the so-called citizen’s income and the reform of basic security. “The citizen’s income is socially unjust and unfair,” said the CSU chairman of the newspaper “Bild am Sonntag”, and he added: “The traffic light must be fundamentally improved: with sanctions, with protective assets, with the performance principle. Consent can only be given under these conditions.”

The unemployment benefit II (“Hartz IV”) introduced in 2005 is to be replaced with the citizen’s allowance. However, the Bundesrat has to agree to this in its special session on Monday – the federal government is preparing for a mediation process.

The reform is intended to make it easier for the unemployed to be placed in the labor market, including through more qualification and further training. The possibilities of earning additional income with lower deductions from citizen income are also being expanded. Above all, the Union rejects the increase in protective assets. The needy do not have to touch these financial reserves if they want to receive citizen benefits.

The Union supported the increase in payments associated with the reform in the Bundestag. The Federal Employment Agency has warned that the payment of the increase at the beginning of the year is not guaranteed if it is not clear by the end of November.

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