Touratech wraps motorcyclists' feet in luxury

Dhe head of course. This is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to protecting sensitive parts of the body when riding a motorcycle. Wearing a suitable helmet has been mandatory in Germany since 1976, and nobody with a head questions that. As far as all the rest is concerned, there are no legal requirements, but there are plenty of reasons not to stop at the helmet. Apart from the risk of injury, there are also possible reductions in damages or compensation for pain and suffering if the courts find contributory negligence due to a lack of protective equipment. Cyclists with slippers and short pants can still be seen again and again. Not only in the Far East, but also here. The higher the temperatures, the more often.

This phenomenon is rarely observed among the drivers of large-caliber travel enduro bikes. The high-quality full outfit is part of good form. One of the suppliers of such things is the company Touratech from Niedereschach, supplier of many useful or decorative motorcycle accessories, especially in the travel segment, and also complete clothing lines. A new product is the Destino Ultimate GTX, a strong contender for the title of King of Boots.

The prestigious appearance is secured. The pair costs 629 euros. The price is roughly the same as that of high-quality ski boots, and the weight – 1.65 kilos per boot – is in the same direction. However, you can run worlds better with the Destino Ultimate GTX, although it is primarily intended for driving, especially for use on off-road touring machines. As a joint project between Touratech and the manufacturer Rev'it! it combines the virtues of touring boots with those of robust motocross boots.

Twist and pull: Putting on and taking off made easy

Twist and pull: Putting on and taking off made easy

Image: manufacturer

You rarely see such a complex piece of footwear with technical chic. According to the sewn-in label, the boot, which is made in Romania, is certified according to the highest possible protection level EN 13634:2017 Level 2. A combination of stability frame, calf support and heel cup is designed to prevent overstretching of muscles and tendons. A joint on the shaft ensures sufficient mobility, reinforcements around the toes and a protector insert in the flap in front of the shinbone protect against impacts. A Goretex membrane under the upper material, which is a combination of different types of leather with cut and abrasion-resistant Superfabric material, shields the inside from moisture.

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