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Mia, Erdal, Kevin: What first names have to do with prejudices, which birthdays are more common than others and why the Berlin CDU wanted to know the suspects’ first names after the New Year’s Eve riots.

Coincidence plays a big role in life – from the beginning. For example, when is your birthday. There are days that are extremely rare, above all, of course, February 29th, which only occurs every four years. And there are others that are more common, shown in dark red in the image above. The first three places: September 9th, October 2nd, August 8th. Booze numbers are common, presumably because more parents are scheduling planned C-sections on these dates. In the graphic, this appears as a dark colored staircase. September is by far the most popular birth month. Among the top 20 are 15 September days. If you leave out public holidays (only sparsely staffed hospitals), you get these top 3 rarest birthdays: November 29th, April 5th, December 22nd. how red is your birthday

Parents usually have the name in mind before the baby is born. It’s often one of the first things you hear about someone – and it immediately conjures up a little image in our heads: “Ah, Mia/Erdal/Kevin – right, it was kind of clear…” Actually quite unfair. The Berlin CDU caused a shake of the head last week. After the riots on New Year’s Eve, she wanted to know the first names of those suspects who have a German passport. Racism in the form of: Yes, they are German, but look at the names…

The surname indicates which family one belongs to. The first name belongs only to oneself. For thousands of years there was nothing else. The people were called Abraham, Diogenes or Rapunzel. Many of these have gone out of fashion. Horst even became a swear word, including the increase, the Vollhorst. Changing a first name later is not easy. It costs around 1000 euros and you have to prove that you suffer from it. If your name is Siri or Alexa and you accept commands from other children like a language assistant, you can rename yourself, for example. There are currently 500,000 permitted first names in Germany. Lots of choices for parents. But how are you supposed to give a name to someone you don’t even know yet? just coincidence.

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