Top sparkling wine from Baden: sparkling pearl

Sect may not be the new gin yet. But interest in the sparkling drink is growing and growing, and there are already specialized sparkling wine dealers and sparkling wine bars. However, they do not focus on the mass products on the supermarket shelves, but on the top products from German winegrowers, who often follow the production methods of their French colleagues in Champagne – and do not need to hide behind them at all.

Raumland in Rheinhessen, Barth in the Rheingau or Griesel on the Hessische Bergstraße are just a few shining examples. A small producer from Gaggenau in Baden, who has made a name for himself among experts with unconventional wines made on steep slopes, also plays in this league: Alexander Danner. Following his own, strictly ecologically oriented philosophy, Danner also makes his own wines – and the result is a minor sensation, at least as far as his current offer is concerned.

Like pure gold

This is a cuvée of five wines from the 2013 vintage, which was allowed to mature on the yeast in the bottle for a whopping nine years, a process that is otherwise only used for great vintage champagnes. The result is a sparkling wine that would probably pass as a fine French wine in a blind tasting. In the glass it shimmers like pure gold and delights with a fine perlage that remains sparkling until the last sip.

The scent of this brut sparkling wine is reminiscent of a meadow, which may have something to do with the herbal notes, but there are also hints of ripe fruit. In the mouth then a hint of honey and a hint of bread, which proves how perfectly the yeast is integrated into this sparkling wine, which, despite all its strength, still comes across as fresh and light.

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