Toni Garrn: Pregnancy is not a "favorite moment"

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Pregnancy not a "favorite moment"

Toni Garrn has been married since 2020.

Toni Garrn has been married since 2020.

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Toni Garrn revealed the difficulties she initially had to struggle with as a mother and what her family planning is like.

Model Toni Garrn (30) has been the mother of a daughter since July 2021. The pregnancy was "not one of my favorite moments", the 30-year-old now has revealed in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper. She loves her body, "but then gaining 20 kilos, that wasn't really my favorite feeling," explains Garrn.

Toni Garrn: "Would like more children"

When her daughter later changed her sleep pattern, "it often robbed me of my sleep," says the model. "Yes, I was overwhelmed on some days. But what's so bad about saying that openly?" After the difficult early days, she has now arrived at motherhood. yarn does not rule out further offspring, quite the opposite: "For me it is clear that I would like to have more children."

Toni Garrn and British actor Alex Pettyfer (32) have been a couple since 2019. By the end of the same year they had become engaged. At the beginning of October 2020, they said yes for the first time in a small setting in Hamburg. In July 2021, the couple's daughter was born. In June 2022, the second big wedding celebration followed on the Greek island of Paros.


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