Tom Morello congratulates Carolyn Bertozzi

Ehere are those people who are outrageously good at several things at the same time. Painting and cycling, for example, or writing and singing. That seems to be the case with Carolyn Bertozzi, who recently won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The 56-year-old Bertozzi is obviously not only really good at chemistry, but also at music, at least she once played the keyboard in a band, and if that’s not enough proof of her skills, you can see who she’s in a band with Band played: Tom Morello.

The fifty-eight year old is the guitarist for the rock band Rage Against The Machine, has also played guitar for the band Audioslave and for Bruce Springsteen. He is considered one of the most innovative and best guitarists of the past decades. Morello congratulated Carolyn Bertozzi on Twitter while also declaring that she was his former bandmate. They played together in the Harvard rock group Bored of Education, “she on keyboards, me in spandex leggings”. In 1986 the band won the Ivy League Battle of the Bands, wrote Morello, who Harvard studied political science. According to an article in The Harvard Crimson in 1986, Bored of Education beat four other Harvard bands at the time.

The biochemist Bertozzi won the Nobel prize with two other researchers for their work in the field of bioorthogonal chemistry and click chemistry.

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