Tom Brady: Football star poses in his underpants

Tom Brady: Football star poses in his underpants

Tom Brady
Football star poses in his underpants

Tom Brady not only shows up on Twitter without a football helmet.

Tom Brady not only shows up on Twitter without a football helmet.

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After divorce and resignation, Tom Brady is unusually revealing. For a new photo, he only poses in his underpants on Twitter.

In the past, Tom Brady’s (45) ex-wife Gisele Bundchen (42) often presented herself quite revealingly at photo shoots and on the catwalk. Among other things, she was one of the angels of the brand Victoria’s Secret, known for lingerie and underwear. The former Football megastar is now following suit and only shows himself to his around three million followers on Twitter in his underpants – via selfie from the unmade bed.

On the one hand Brady keeps a promise with the photo, on the other hand he also uses it to advertise his own brand, which mainly sells sportswear. The ex-athlete had one last summer Brand contribution commented and explainedthat if his post gets 40,000 likes, he will recreate underwear pictures of two models.

After the account of the brand now reminded him of it and a good 49,000 likes have come together since then, he posted the underwear picture. “Did I do it right?” Brady asks about the photo. He collected around 14,000 “likes” with the recording in less than six hours. He also shared a link to the “Brady Boxer Brief” so fans can purchase the men’s underpants directly.

Divorce, career and new job

Brady recently announced his retirement from professional sports. In a clip on Instagram he had declared that he apparently wanted to end his active American football career for good. He had already given up his career last February, but announced his resignation a short time later. Brady and Bundchen divorced in October 2022 after long-standing reports of an alleged marital crisis. They were married for 13 years and have two children together.

At least professionally, Brady already knows what to do next. Like him on February 6th today announced in an interview, he will be seen and heard as a TV expert in the broadcasting booth on one of Fox Sports’ US sports channels from autumn 2024. Until then, he wants to spend time with his family and prepare extensively for his new job.


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