Together with Honda, Sony wants to produce an electric car

Together with Honda, Sony wants to produce an electric car

Dhe Sony-Honda electric car will be built in North America and hit the streets by 2026. However, customers in Europe will have to wait longer. Sony Honda Mobility, the new joint venture between the traditional Japanese companies Sony Group and Honda Motor, intends to serve the North American market from the first half of 2026. Then Japan will follow in the second half of the year, the company announced on Thursday at a press conference in Tokyo.

Patrick Welter

Correspondent for business and politics in Japan based in Tokyo.

Only then will it be Europe’s turn, although the company did not give a time. According to the information, customers should be able to order the car as early as 2025. Sony and Honda each hold 50 percent of the joint venture.

With the jointly developed car, Sony and Honda are trying to catch up with pioneers of electric drives such as Tesla, Volkswagen and Chinese manufacturers. Compared to its electric-car competitors, the company’s strength will lie in its software, said Izumi Kawanishi, the joint venture’s day-to-day operations chief, who comes from Sony.

The special focus of the Sony Honda car is less the electric drive or the property as a means of transport. Rather, the president of the joint venture, Izumi Kawanishi, in Tokyo invoked the value of mobile space as “a space for entertainment and emotions”.

That’s where Sony comes in. With its technical knowledge of consumer electronics and its extensive film and music business, it has everything it takes to bring more entertainment into the car. It is also about networking with the Internet and artificial intelligence. Economically, this can open up the option for Sony and Honda to generate a steady stream of income with the software in the car through subscriptions.

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