Tinder log: Suddenly he realized – that was the wrong woman

The wrong date
They go for a walk and get along well – only then do they realize the misunderstanding


Online dating has changed our love life a lot. Here eleven people tell their personal Tinder story.

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When Anton meets his Tinder date, his heart beats faster because she is exactly his case. The two go for a walk. After a few minutes, they suddenly realize a fundamental misunderstanding.

Tinder will be ten years old this year. Of the star spoke to people about their experiences with online dating. This is the story of Anton*, 27, who still thinks about his Tinder encounter today. However, he had an appointment with another woman:

Her name was Laura and it all started with a GIF on Tinder chat. She sent back a GIF, then we arranged to meet up in the evening. I’ve never chatted with people on Tinder for a long time because long chats got on my nerves. On this January evening of 2019, I felt like a distraction. “I’ll be right there,” I wrote and went out into the cold Würzburg night. After three years of relationship I had broken up with my girlfriend a few weeks before. Now I wanted to put an end to the old and meet new women.

I arrived at the meeting point on time: the Würzburg four-tube fountain, a Tinder hotspot in the city. When I saw Laura standing in front of the fountain, my excitement increased. She was completely my type of woman – light brown curls, alternative clothing style. Our eyes met and I walked towards her with a grin. I knew her pictures, who she is, I had no idea until now. We hugged and immediately started walking to bridge that one awkward moment when you have to admit that you know the other person as well as any other passer-by around you. We strolled along the Main, hands in our pockets and talked with a smile. After just a few meters I was smitten with her because she looked great and was straight forward with what was on her mind.

Tinder chat clears up misunderstanding

She told me that Tinder was a strange situation for her: “I wrote to you that this was my first time,” she said at one point to explain her nervousness. “Did you really tell me that?” I reply, confused. She pulled out her phone and showed me the chat. In fact, she had written it. Just not me. Startled, she clicked on the picture of the man. He looked confusingly like me. “That’s probably not me then,” I said, laughing out loud. We realized: we are on the wrong date.

So I opened Tinder and clicked on the picture of the real Laura I texted with. But I immediately put my phone back in my pocket in shame because the two women didn’t look remotely alike. They didn’t even have the same hair color. We turned and headed back to the fountain where our actual dates awaited. I immediately told the real Laura what had happened to me. We laughed at my stupidity for almost half an hour – the ice was broken immediately. After the walk we drank beer and had good sex. I’m still friends with Laura to this day.

I still think about the woman I went on the wrong date with from time to time. In life, many people wish for that one special introductory story that they will tell their children about: people who run into each other at train stations, who strike up conversations at the bar counter, or who get stuck in the elevator together. Well, I’ve had a story like this before, only I never saw the woman I went on the wrong date with again. When I think of her, I wish that the other man thought she was as great as I did.

*Name changed by editors

Recorded by: Lukas Hildebrand

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