Timothée Chalamet: Leonardo DiCaprio gave him this advice

Timothee Chalamet
Leonardo DiCaprio gave him this advice

Leonardo DiCaprio (right) stood by Timothée Chalamet with wise advice.

Leonardo DiCaprio (right) stood by Timothée Chalamet with wise advice.

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Timothée Chalamet received helpful career advice from superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

world stars among themselves. The still only 26-year-old actor Timothée Chalamet adorns these days the first man ever to own the cover of the print edition of British "Vogue". Regarded as possibly the most talented actor of his generation, Chalamet has also repeatedly made fashion statements, most recently at the Venice Film Festival, where he appeared on the red carpet in a red, backless halter top.

Leonardo DiCaprio: "No Hard Drugs and No Superhero Movies"

Chalamet gave British "Vogue" a little insight into his turbulent life, which, according to the Hollywood star, would move at "six million miles an hour". He reported on his first encounter with Leonardo DiCaprio (47) in 2018. The careers and life paths of DiCaprio and Chalamet are quite comparable. Both achieved great fame in Hollywood at a young age and are adored by millions. DiCaprio revealed his own personal career rule to his unofficial successor on said occasion: "no hard drugs and no superhero films".

Cinema viewers will be able to experience Chalamet in Luca Guadagnino's (51) coming-of-age film "Bones and All" in November. The cannibal flick is Chalamets second collaboration with the Italian filmmaker after "Call Me by Your Name" from 2017. Next year the musical "Wonka" and the "Dune" sequel "Dune: Part 2" are also on the program for the actor.


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