Timelapse of the Sun: Galactic Serpent? Esa publishes video

Watch the video: Galactic Serpent on the Sun? Esa Releases Stunning Solar Orbiter Time-Lapse.

Well, have you seen it? Here again in slow motion.
Something seems to be snaking across the sun.
These images come from the Solar Orbiter of the European Space Agency ESA. The surface phenomenon on the Sun looks like a giant snake – it’s actually atmospheric gas moving through the Sun’s magnetic field.
The spacecraft captured what was happening with its Extreme Ultraviolet Imager, which makes the energetic processes on the Sun visible. The images were taken over a period of three hours and a time lapse was created.
The surface of our star consists of plasma – the fourth state of matter. This means that three quarters of the sun consists of hydrogen atoms, which at a temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius assume a special state. The electrons separate from the hydrogen nuclei – the nuclei fuse, plasma is formed and the process generates a lot of energy.
There is colder and hotter plasma. In this cosmic event, a cloud of colder plasma formed, set in motion by the Sun’s magnetic field. The result: a beautiful spectacle that the ESA researchers let us participate in with these images.

Source: ESA

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