Timekeeping: the return of the time clock

Time clock in the 1950s
Image: Interphoto

Employees now have a right to timekeeping. This is for their protection, but it can also backfire.

Da you can still work so modern, between home office, office, childcare, creative work and business trips balance artfully back and forth, but some dinosaurs of the working world simply cannot be eradicated. The “time clock” is one of them, it is currently experiencing an unexpected renaissance. And that could become a real problem.

As early as the 18th century, it was used to put state officials on track. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, it finally became the symbol for measuring working time. For a long time it was downright hated, as it was always accused of being the only way to get lazy employees to fulfill their promises. How times change! The time clock and its digital successors are now a means of ensuring occupational safety. And for everyone, even executives, that says Federal Labor Court in a landmark decision last Tuesday.

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