Til Schweiger looks “taken” when he appears on TV

Til Schweiger looks “taken” when he appears on TV

“Manta Manta 2”
Swipe from the moderator: Til Schweiger looks “taken” when he appears on TV

Actor Til Schweiger at the premiere of the film "Manta Manta - Part Two"

Til Schweiger at the premiere of “Manta Manta – Second Part”. A day later he could be seen in the “Kölner Treff”.

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Til Schweiger celebrated properly after the premiere of “Manta Manta” – and looked accordingly during a TV appearance.

“Manta Manta 2” has opened in cinemas. Despite the rather average reviews, Til Schweiger is quite convinced of the sequel to the cult flick – and really let it rip after the premiere. “You already look worn out,” commented the moderator of the “Kölner Treff”, Bettina Böttinger, on his appearance on the show on Friday. “We’ve had a few longer nights now,” the actor confirmed, voice hoarse.

In a conversation with the German Press Agency, the director rejected the accusation that young people could not do anything with the film. When his daughters’ friends – “they’re between 20 and 25” – heard that he was planning a sequel, they said to him: “Ah, awesome!” said the actor.

Til Schweiger wants to revive “the attitude towards life from back then”.

The 59-year-old has another example ready: “On the plane to Mallorca, I met a football team and when they heard that I was doing ‘Manta 2’, they almost crashed the plane. Then I did said: ‘But listen, you weren’t even born then, with the first part!’ But they said: ‘We’ve seen him x times on TV.'”

The second part should revive “the attitude towards life from back then”, said Til Schweiger during his appearance in the “Kölner Treff”. We deliberately avoided gender and climate debates. These concepts would have no place in “Manta Manta”. He can’t do much with climate glue anyway. In an interview with “Bild” he described the activists as “complete idiots”. “I don’t know what I do when I’m stuck in traffic and miss an important appointment because they’re stuck there. Then I’ll definitely get out,” said the actor. “I saw the video of someone pulling off a climate sticker. I think I would do the same.”

Til Schweiger still sees himself as a friend of the environment, even if he continues to drive a car with a combustion engine. “We have always separated waste and brought the bottles to the container,” he told the German Press Agency in Cologne. “But I don’t make a big deal out of it.”

Sources: Cologne City Gazette


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