Three goals each in the Manchester derby

Erling Haaland didn’t have enough even after the final whistle of a historic derby. He puffed out his cheeks, indicated a disbelieving shake of his head – then he went hunting for the game ball as a trophy hunter. With success: The display case of the sensational star striker gets three goals and two assists for Manchester City a new exhibit in the 6:3 (4:0) against United. “Six goals, that’s wonderful,” enthused Haaland in the Sky interview. “What else is there to say?” He generously passed the second ball to Phil Foden, who also scored three goals. Never before have there been so many goals in the Manchester derby.

City humiliated United for 90 minutes and that was down to Haaland first and foremost. After Foden’s 1-0 (8th minute) and a shot at the post by Ilkay Gündogan (19th), the 22-year-old initially hit his head. Curiously, his opponent in this scene was United’s much smaller midfielder Christian Eriksen (34th). Three minutes later, Haaland tackled a cross from , which is worth seeing Kevin De Bruyne and scored his 13th goal in his eighth league game. De Bruyne has now played 94 goals, more than any other City player in Premier League history.

Before the break, Haaland was allowed to play a cross pass past three United pros in the penalty area – Foden (44′) also scored for the second time. There were many United fans who left the Etihad Stadium after that. “Wow, what a monster,” wrote Haaland’s former teammate Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund) impressed on Twitter: Luckily the Norwegian is playing “in another country now”.

In the continuation of a spectacle, Antony (56th) scored the dreamlike first goal of the guests, in which Cristiano Ronaldo just sat on the bench. Then Haaland (64th) struck again, for the third time in a row he scored three goals in one game. And then he hung up again for Phil Foden (72nd): The hosts got their second triple goal scorer of the day. After that, Anthony Martial (84th/90th, penalty kick) was allowed to put in two more for the Reds. The humiliation remained.

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