Those five games changed him

Triumph at Wimbledon: Roger Federer wins his first Grand Slam title in 2003 - at the age of 21.
Image: Imago

103 titles, 1251 wins, almost $117 million in prize money: Roger Federer is pushing the boundaries in tennis. Now he resigns. Five matches that changed him and the sport.

Wimbledon, July 6, 2003

That day becomes the champion Roger Federer born. He is 21 and has long been recognized as a tennis talent that is second to none. To this day, the Swiss has only occasionally been able to justify the advance laurels, for example in 2001 when he defeated his idol Pete Sampras in the round of 16 at Wimbledon.

After that, Federer cannot maintain the level, which is why all the doubters who claim that the highly gifted lacks the mental strength for great triumphs are confirmed. In 2003 in London, however, it looks as if Federer will fail this time because of his body. The back, which will be his most sensitive spot for many years as a pro, is causing problems until the quarterfinals. Federer said later that he had already considered throwing in the towel.

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